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Luoyang Xuanrui Trading Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive trading company integrating ore products trades, futures, export and import trades, etc. It has long been engaged in the purchases and sales of nonferrous ore products. Over years, thanks to good corporate reputation and business performance, we have established good cooperative relationship with governments and enterprises across the country. We have received consistent high praise from all sectors of the community, which can lay a good foundation for the sustainable development of the enterprise.

长虹彩票平台The company, founded in June, 2006 with 10 million yuan registered capital, is located in No.8 Floor, World Trade Center Building A Block, New District, Luoyang which is a famous industrial city with 13 Dynasties history of China, and has a convenient transportation. Now, there are 65 employees in the company, and it is a big platform in exchanging among enterprises, negotiating business and planning development.

The company adhere to take “integrity and clients in first, mutual benefit and create a win-win situation” as the operating principle. Basing on the market of nonferrous metal smelting in Henan province, and taking the purchase and sale of ore products and international trade as basis, it gradually expands the investment of mine enterprises, and focus on establishing a comprehensive and trade enterprise integrating the nonferrous metal mining, smelting and processing, export and import trades, futures, and financing.


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